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General description
LYH998 series of new intelligent environmental protection Raymond mill is a new type of mill developed by our company’s professional and technical personnel on the basis of long-term Mill R & D experience and the suggestions of many customers. This series of machines adopt bevel gear integral transmission, negative pressure operation principle, air lock device, pulse dust removal system, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc type air duct and other latest technologies, which have reached the international advanced technology level.
Application range
This machine is mainly used for grinding mineral products such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and so on. It can grind quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, iron oxide red, zircon sand, slag, water slag, cement clinker, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, garnet , iron oxide yellow, bean cake, chemical fertilizer, compound fertilizer, fly ash, bituminous coal, coking coal, lignite, Lingmei sand, chrome oxide green, gold mine, red mud, clay, high territory, coke, coal gangue, porcelain clay, kyanite, fluorite, bentonite, maifanite rhyolite, dolerite, pyrophyllite, phyllite, purple sandstone, stromatolite, basalt, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide, thermal insulation materials, etc. non flammable and non explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9 and humidity below 6%.
Performance comparison table of Liyuanheng intelligent environmental protection Raymond mill and ordinary Raymond Mill
NO. Item Ordinary Raymond mill Liyuanheng Raymond mill Comparison
1 Thickness of main plate δ=8-10 δ=14-16 Enhance stability and useful life of equipment, reduce 30% of noise.
2 Material Q235 Q345 Better material make equipment durable.
3 Fineness of finished product 30-325 Mesh 60-600 Mesh Granularity range is range which can meet market demond.
4 Main shaft & mill roller shaft 45# steel Forging part Forging shaft enhance strength and extend the useful life.
5 Wear-resistant material 65 Mn Specific wear-resistant material More wear, impact resistant which is twice comparing with normal material.
6 Main body, separator, frequency conversion of main fan   Frequency conversion Small starting current,big torque, energy saving which make smooth transition reducing the damage of equipment.
7 Material conveying Magnetic vibrating feeder Permanent magnet roller belt conveyor Feed the material evenly,reduce the impaction between roller and grinding ring, meanwhile avoid metal entering into equipment, reduce the damage of equipment, extend the useful life of equipment.
8 Feeder   Air-lock feeder Feeder is installed to feeding the material evenly, lock the air to form the negative pressure, improve the capacity to reduce dust pollution.
9 Control system Simple Central integrated control The equipment is easy to operate (one button start), which can reduce the labor intensity and dependence of workers, and ensure the uniform feeding of raw materials, avoid the collision between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and prolong the service life of the machine; in addition, when the computer control system fails, the computer will automatically alarm and shut down, reducing the machine injury and troubleshooting time; the use of computer control can maximize the production Production and efficiency have been significantly improved, product quality has been fully guaranteed, bringing visible profits to the company.
10 Bag filter Bag Pulse bag filter Pulse bag filter will be operated in negative pressure to reduce dust emission, protect the environment.
Technical advantages
1. Air lock feeder is adopted to ensure sealing effect and realize uniform feeding;
2. The new system adopts turbine separator, which greatly improves the stability of powder separation accuracy and mesh number, and increases the output by 20-30% compared with the vane separator;
3. A real negative pressure operating system is formed by using pulse dust collector, and there is no dust overflow. The environmental condition of the production area is improved, which contributes to the environmental protection;
4. With bevel gear integral transmission, the structure is more compact, the installation and adjustment is more convenient and fast, and the efficiency is greatly improved;
5. With internal oil pump, the lubrication of main shaft bearing and gear shaft bearing can be easily realized without additional oil pump or lubrication station;
6. The new curved air duct is adopted, the tangential airflow inlet is smooth, the resistance is small, and the internal outlet direction is conducive to the dispersion of materials and is not easy to block;
7. The blade of the blade is made of high wear-resistant alloy material, which not only improves the service life, but also can replace the blade separately. Making full use of the material, the curved blade can guide the material to the facade, so that the upper, middle and lower parts of the grinding ring of the grinding roller can contact with the material, and the wear is uniform. At the same time, the output can be increased by increasing the effective working area;
8. The separation structure between the inner cylinder and the mixed gas powder flow can effectively improve the efficiency and precision of powder separation;
9. The inner surface of the inner door plate and the inner surface of the air inlet volute are on the same curved surface by adopting the non resistance inlet volute (small observation door without eddy current), which can effectively avoid the vortex effect.
Working principle
Big block is crushed into required granularity after jaw crusher, then it is sent to storage hopper via elevator and it is sent into main grinding chamber for grinding via belt scale. After grinding, the powder rises with the air flow of the fan, and is graded by the powder concentrator. The powder conforming to the fineness flows through the pipeline into the cyclone collector for separation and collection, and is discharged through the powder outlet valve to be the finished powder. The air flow is sucked into the centrifugal induced draft fan by the return air pipe at the upper end of the cyclone powder collector, and part of it enters into the pulse dust collector in the air box. Due to the function of the dust collecting fan, the whole air flow system circulates under negative pressure.
The working process of the main engine is to drive the central shaft to rotate through the bevel gear. The upper end of the shaft is connected with the roller hanger, and the roller device is installed on the rack to form a swing fulcrum. The grinding device not only revolves around the central axis, but also revolves around the grinding ring. The scraper is installed under the grinding hanger, and its position is at the lower end of the grinding roller. In the process of the blade and the grinding roller rotating together, the material is thrown up and fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a cushion layer. The material layer is crushed by the centrifugal force (extrusion pressure) generated by the rotation of the grinding roller, so as to achieve the purpose of pulverizing.
By adjusting the rotating speed of the turbine rotor, the classifier has a grading effect on the powder. The speed of turbine rotor speed is adjusted according to the size of finished powder.
The cyclone collector plays an important role in the performance of the mill. When the airflow with powder enters the collector, the high-speed rotating dust laden gas spirals downward along the body wall, at the same time, the airflow separates from the powder and falls to be collected.
The whole set of equipment of this series mill is composed of main machine, separator, fan, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, storage bin, pulse dust collector of gas box, pipeline device, cyclone dust collector, electric control cabinet, motor, etc.
The whole machine of this series of pulverizer is vertical structure, which occupies a small area and has strong integrity. Moreover, the transmission device of the main machine adopts sealed gear box, so the transmission is stable. The important parts of the mill are made of high quality steel, so the whole machine is durable and reliable. The electrical system of pulverizer adopts Siemens PLC integrated control, which ensures the stability of the whole system operation and is more humanized.
Main technical parameter
Name & Product LYH998-10 LYH998-38 LYH998-75
Number of roller (pcs) 4 4 5
Inner diameter of grinding ring(mm) φ1100 φ1380 φ1750
Rotating speed of main body(r/m) 120 96 75
Max. Feeding size(mm) <30 <35 <40
Granularity of finished product (mm) 1.6-0.045
The smallest can reach 0.038
The smallest can reach 0.038
The smallest can reach 0.038
Output (t/h) 3.5-10 6.5-15 11-25
Outline dimension(mm) 8910×6950×9010 9860×8340×10227 13500×11500×9500
Note: the output in above table is for grinding limestone and passing rate is 80%.
Items & Model LYH998-10 LYH998-38 LYH998-75
Main motor Model Y280M-6 Y315M1-6 Y355M1-6
Power 55 90 160
Rotating speed 980 990 990
Separator motor Model YCT200-4A(YCT200-4B) YCT200-4P(YCT225-4A) YCT225-4A(YCT225-4B)
Power 7.5 18.5 30
Rotating speed 125-1250 125-1250 125-1250
Draft fan motor Model Y250M-4 Y280M-4 Y315L1-4
Power 55 110 200
Rotating speed 1480 1480 1490
Auxiliary equipment section Elecator Elevator model TH210 TH315 TH315
Motor model Y10012-4 T112M-4 Y112M-4
Motor power 3 4 4
Rotating speed 1420 1420 1420
Crusher Model PE250×400 PE250×750 PE250×750
Motor model Y180L-6 Y200L2-6 Y200L2-6
Power 15 22 22
Rotating speed 970 970 970
Feeder Model GY400 GY500 GY600
Power 2.2 3 4
Note: the output of above table is for grinding limestone, passing rate is 80%.
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