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General description
In the field of ultra-fine powder processing, facing more and more requirements for ultra-fine powder, the traditional ultra-fine powder processing equipment has been difficult to meet the market demand due to the common problems of low production capacity and high energy consumption. According to the market demand, our company introduced German technology and combined with our years of experience in the production of mill, developed a new generation of products, lyh996 series of new intelligent ring roller mill. It has the advantages of impact, extrusion and grinding combined grinding mechanism, so that the material can be completely and thoroughly crushed. It can improve the output, reduce the energy consumption, and bring higher benefits to the superfine powder enterprises.
Working principle
LYH996 series intelligent ring roller mill is composed of variable frequency screw feeder, main machine, fan, classifier, hydraulic system, pulse dust collector, electrical control device and pipeline system. The main engine consists of upper and lower body, grinding roller, rotary disc and reducer. When working, the material enters the main engine quantitatively, evenly and continuously through the frequency conversion screw feeder above the main engine side. Under the action of centrifugal force of the fast rotating grinding plate, the material is thrown to the inner wall of the grinding plate, and the material is brought between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and is rolled and crushed under the pressure of the oil cylinder outside the grinding roller. At the same time, the high-pressure and large flow air flow generated by the air supply system and the crushed powder are mixed into a high concentration air flow, which enters the classifier on the main engine for separation. The coarse powder that can not reach the fineness will be returned to the grinding plate for regrinding, and the qualified fine powder will be collected in the finished product collector with the airflow, discharged from the discharge port of the finished product collector, and then stored in the finished product warehouse through the lifting equipment.
1. There is a gap of 3-5mm between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The roller and the ring never contact directly, and the wear of the roller ring is small. Therefore, the iron content of the milled material is low and does not lose white;
2. With hydraulic pressure, the roller loading force can be adjusted freely, which can adapt to the grinding of various materials. The hydraulic spring is set in the hydraulic system, which is stable and reliable and easy to maintain;
3. Using new technology, new wear-resistant materials, long life of wearing parts, grinding roller grinding ring service life of 6-8 years;
4. The particle size of the finished product is 400-1500 mesh;
5. The output of 1250 mesh calcium carbonate is as high as 1.5 T / h, and the power consumption can be reduced by about 30% compared with ball mill;
6. The operation noise of the equipment is small, the system is operated under negative pressure, and the pulse dust collector is used to discharge the dust up to the standard without noise and dust pollution.
Technical parameter
Model Feeding particle
Finished product particle
Rotating speed of main shaft
Inner diameter of grinding ring
Fan power
Separator power
Power of dust collector
LYH996-100 <10 600-1500 700-1000 125 ∮1000 37 30 15 3
LYH996-130 <10 600-1500 1000-1800 122 ∮1250 A type 75 55 22 5.5
B type 110 90 45
LYH996-150 <10 600-1500 1500-3000 115 ∮1500 A type 110 75 30 7.5
B type 132 110 55
Note: output is making calcite for example
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